Here's to the lass who serves the drinks,
And to the man who picks up the check.
And here's to the Georgia bulldogs and
To hell with Georgia Tech.
-A toast from Lewis Grizzard that appears in A Gentleman's Guide to Toasting


Georgia Tech

I'd drink to ev'ry fellow who comes far and near;
I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer!



As I was going to Harvard Square,
I met a man who didn't care.
He didn't care again today.
How long has Harvard been that way?


Cambridge is a famous town,
Both for wit and knowledge,
Some they whip and some they hang,
And some they send to college.
-From a time of stocks and pillories


Here's to Johnny Harvard;
Fill him up a full glass,
Fill him up a glass to his name and fame,
And at the same time
Don't forget his true love;
Fill her up a bumper to the brim.



"E to the U, DU-DX;
E to the X;
Cosine, secant, tangent, sine,
Integral, radical, U DV;
Slipstick, slide rule, MIT."
-Cheer, repeated in The Sporting News
of October 1988 on returning to college
football after an eighty-seven-year absence.


Of course I like the M.I.T.,
Jolly place for fun, you see,
You can work from nine to six by day,
And from seven to one, at night, they say,
And go to bed with an aching head
And a weary sense of work undone,
And a wonder strong as to where's the fun
If you study at M.I.T.



That's all right,
That's OK,
You're gonna work
For us someday.
-Cheer to victors over the school's
long-suffering football team.



I wish I had a barrel of rum
And sugar three hundred pounds,
With the chapel bell to put in it
And the clapper to sit it 'round,
I'd drink to the health of Nassau, boys,
And the girls both far and near,
For I'm a rambling rank of poverty,
And a son of a Gambolier.



And so you see, for old V.C.
Our love shall never fail.
Full well we know
That all we owe
To Matthew Vassar's ale!
-Vassar song that refers to the Poughkeepsie
ale brewer who founded the college.



For God, for Country, and for Yale.
For we think it is but right, sir,
On Wednesday and Saturday night, sir,
To get most gloriously tight, sir,
To drive dull care away.
It is a way we have at old Yale, sir,
To drive dull care away.


Let him be kept from paper, pen and ink.
That he may cease to write and learn to think.



Important Notice

Time was when almost every college and university had its own toast or collection of toasts. The toastmaster of this site is interested in finding as many of these traditional toasts as possible and adding them to this collection. Full credit will be given.