For some unexplained reason, relatively large numbers of fishing toasts exist while other sports and pastimes have inspired few of them. (For what it is worth, fishing also inspired one of the great provincial newspaper headlines of all time, which appeared in Lenox, Massachusetts, on January 6, 1933: president coolidge dead-may have fished here.)


A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work.
-Bumper Sticker


A fisherman, ‘twixt you and I
Will very seldom tell a lie-
Except when it is needed to
Describe the fish that left his view.


Behold the fisherman!
He riseth in the early morning
And disturbeth the whole household.


Enjoy thy stream, O harmless fish,
And when an angler for his dish,
Through gluttony's vile sin,
Attempts, the wretch, to pull thee out,
God give thee strength, O gentle trout,
To pull the rascal in.


Fishing is the chance to wash one's soul with pure air. It brings meekness and inspiration, reduces our egotism, soothes our troubles and shames our wickedness.
-Herbert Hoover, quoted in the New York Herald Tribune, May 19, 1947


Fishing is the sport of drowning worms.
-Author Unknown


Health to men,
And death to fish;
They're wagging the tails
That will pay for this.


Here's to Fishing-a grand delusion enthusiastically promoted by glorious liars in old clothes.
-Don Marquis


Here's to the fish that I may catch;
So large that even I,
When talking of it afterward,
Will never need to lie.


Here's to our fisherman bold,
Here's to the fish he caught;
Here's to the one that got away,
And here's to the one he bought.


May the holes in your net be no bigger than your fish.


On an Assyrian tablet of 2000 b.c. we find the following: "The gods do not subtract from the allotted span of men's lives the hours spent in fishing."
-Herbert Hoover


Rod and line: May they never part company.


Simon Peter saith unto them, I go afishing; they say unto him, we also go with thee.
-John 21:3


The joy of fishing-is fishing.
-Harlan H. Ballard


The steady fisherman-who never "reels home."


There are more fish taken out of a stream than ever were in it.
-Oliver Herford


To the fish-a creature that goes on vacation at about the same time most fishermen do.